Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture Story: First Orientation Week of Dasein

By: Timothy Tai Kim kwee
Location: Dasein Academy of Art

Discipline: New Student of April intake is waiting their senior
instructions at Dasein gallery.

Games: Senoirs playing some game with juniors for
building up relationship and also to knowing
each other.
Games: Junior are enjoy in playing the game.

Punishment:Senior also punish by junior...
Relations: Gather the hand together showing that
all the student are unity.
Group Photo Junoir all wish to run to the table for taking their lunch

Dasein first orientation week are very sucessful, through this activity junior can knowing with each other and also can knwoing some of their senior,
most of the junior said that they are enjoy during the orientation activity.

This orientation already make a different to junior college life,
hope they all the best in they study.

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