Wednesday, April 22, 2009



What a rainy day....
Early in the morning all of us were meet at front of the college,
some of them was late for the trip..
We were having breakfast at desa,
after the breakfast, we were starting our Malacca trip..

About 3 to 4 hours,
we reached Malacca and the weather was turning into a sunny day...
all of us were capturing the picture that we want...

In Malacca, they almost built up their own business to earn money,
for an example, they will use their own ability such as entertaining the visitors, make some key chain by themselves and more...

This old man was entertaining the visitors with blowing the music.

Thisman was selling thet art cratf for earn the money.

This man was making the key chain by his own creativity design.

Besides that, something is more interesting to know. It was the bicycle with the designed of flower. It is really cute and nice to see. It can fetch the visitors to the place that they want to go, besides that, they also can earn some money from the visitors.

The man was fetching the visitors.

Thirsty, sweating...
we are sitting in front of the jogger walk,
and suddenly we have capture some spot news...
The news was an old man faint because of the weather,
it is too hot for him..
For a few minutes, the ambulance was reach and they help the old man go into the ambulance...
The old man looks like very cruel, after that, he was sending to the hospital.

The ambulance was reached, they are ready go forward to old man.

The old man was ready to send him to the hospital.

Some of the people was helping the old man.

The old man feel cruel under the hot sun.

They are ready sending the old man to the hospital.

After the spot news, we are walking around the street..
Finally we mention the street was selling the traditional foods for the charity..
It is so meaningful...

The stalls that selling food for doing the charity.

Along the street was selling a lots of the product and food.

Not only that, Malacca also very concern on the cleanliness..
I saw the worker was keep sweeping the street although there just have some leafs..

The worker was cleaning the street with sweeping the leafs.

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