Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Important Treasure Of Malacca

Place : Malacca Jonker Street
By : Timothy Tai Kim Kwee
Objective : To show different part of Malacca.

Malacca is one of the best travel places in Malaysia,
it full of the traditional culture and building.
But many people forgot that behide all this buiding and culture, it have
it own story that maybe haven`t be listen or knowing by us,
but the history are always inside the memory and the heart of
the senoir citizen of Malacca.

Senoir citizen watched the growing of Malacca, inside their memory had the history of Malacca and their own exprience, each of their story are the important treasure for Malacca. just like a chinese adage saying that 家有一老如有一寳(grandparents are the treasure in house).

Attitude: A old uncle that open a stalls at Jonker Walk always smile
to every one Lifestyle: Sitting at restaurant thinking about the pastStory - A Uncle sitting at the roadside and selling old
coins to tourist Lifestyle: Teatime is one of the activity that
senior citizen will do.

Lifestyle -Cycled around Jonker Street is daily
activity for uncle Lim

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