Monday, February 23, 2009

Group Assignment - Random Reflection

Place:Desa Wangsa Maju
A worker from Alam Flora are working on the road of Desa, the environment in Desa are very bad as we can see in the following photo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wee`s Assignment -- CNY Photo

@ANG POW Gathering@
Ang Pow is one of the simbol that representing Chinese New Year,
following is some photo of angpow include some former angpow
that using by people
10++years ago and also some latest angpow,

Group Photo of AngPow Family

The oldest angpow( 20years++ ago)

Angpow about 10years ago

AngPow about 7years ago

Angpow about 4 years ago

Angpow that most latest (2009)
Haha, all wear red shirt and have a pose that greeting people
Gong Xi Fa Choi &
Happy 牛 Year

A big Cow model in Jenjarum Garden

BEN Assignment 1 -- KLCC

Venue : KLCC
Date : 16 Jan 09

First outing for shooting, huhu, the whether on that day
is very good, i reach there about 8am, still not many people.
i had shoot a lot of photo on that day, following is
some of the photo
that i shoot...

Ben Assignment 1

Location : KLCC Park
Date : 1st of January 2009
By : Carey Lim Choi Yee

This is the first time the whole class were outing for the photography shooting. It was so interesting although it was a sunny day and make us sweat and feel hot. Below were the photos that I take at KLCC Park.

The children playing in the pool.

The little water fall in the pool.

The environment in the park.

KLCC twin tower.

→〓Chinese New Year〓←

BY : Carey Lim Choi Yee

These photos I was taken when the Chinese New Year. These two photos I take at Kuantan because I went to Kuantan for family trip. I felt that this trip can let my family have more times to get in together with each other and we can have a lots of fun.

The street with the red tang lung.

The mandarin oranges tree with the "Fuk" word.

My brother and mother are praying in the temple.

My family and I was having the dinner in the restaurant and they are "Lou Sang" for get the good wishes.

Two of these photo were taken at Melaka during chinese new year..
After celebrate chinese new year at Johor,which is my father's hometown,
my father decide fetch me back to Kuala Lumpur, and my brother to Kedah..
on the way we going to Kuala Lumpur, we had pass by Melaka,
since still early, we decided go to Melaka to have our meal and also visit to some famous places...
so we had came to the famous place "jonker walk".
In those photos, show that, there were lot of tourist went to Melaka during chinese new year too..we can also see that there were crowded by people and the traffic was jam...

written by wei wei

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Assignment 2: Good & Bad Photojournalism Analysis

[ BAD ]

Although we know that this picture are a great photojournalism,
but is also conduct a few bad side too, can didn`t have a photojournalism
can be said as prefect.

The first bad point that inside this photojoulism is the if we just look at the picture only we hardly to find out that this is a picture that talking about the Australian forest fire but mostly ppl will think about may be is was a haze disaster or may be a big rainstorm is coming. It was because this photo didn`t show the fire and the forest clearly.

Another bad point is this photo can be more categories into environmental portrait than spot assignment photo is i didn`t know about the news, is was because the photo is not like shooting for a spot news news picture.

[ GOOD ]

Besides that, this picture also can brings a lot of good view to us.

The first good point is this is an excellent spot news. I believe that this kind of spot news is hardly to see in our daily life. The second good point is this picture has a good angel and it is very clear to see it. It's really makes people get shock when saw it. Another good point is this picture can let us know how serious is the disaster can be happened.

The most important good point is this picture can get a strong news value for the journalist, because this picture can tell us about the environment was polluted because of the human who are not responsibilities.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

assignment 1(Random Reflection)

The incident was happen during the holiday i went back my hometown..
My living area where I stay was getting flood in the midnight on 1 am..
before the day, it was raining for 2 days none stop..
and,it is because of the water inside the drain cannot flow smoo0thly..

so i think it was the good opportunities to shoot the photo,
and i found my neighbour to shoot the photo..
on the day..
she just keep walk up and down..
it is because she and her family has just move to the living area for half year..
and this is the first time she met such incident...

Before take the picture..
I didnt know who I decided to shoot..
At the time..
she is standing in front of my house..
so I just take out my camera and shoot her without her permission..
After shoot the picture..
I walk out and pretend talk to her..
in the conversation..
I found out that her name is Alice Teo..
28 years old, and she is work as a dentist in USM
which is nearby my house..

In doing this assignment..
I felt quite embarased to shoot people without permission..
but I am also enjoy in the process of shooting..

Assignment 1

First Assignment: Random Reflections
Place: Sungai Long Old Town Cafe

By: Timothy Tai Kim Kwee

I like go to "yam cha" at the old town cafe that near my house.
suddenly, i saw a my friend with his young brother sitting at there with his other friend,
so i think maybe i can capture his picture for my assignment, so i go to he and said hello to him and than sitting down and start talking with my friend.

i want to capture my friend brother picture, so i take out my handphone, and pretend i am playing with my handphone, but actully i am capture his picture. Because i sit infront of him so is easy for me to capture the picture without knowing by him.

My friend brother call zhi Cong, when i capture his picture he was busy sms with somebody, and he will talking with he friend without stopping sms with somebody.

In doing this assignment, i feel so hard to capture the picture of unfamiliar people, especially need to take close up picture. It was because i didn`t know what the people will think if i taking their picture without asking their permission, scare they will angry with us.

Another difficulties is when we need to follow them to, is was so hard cause i didn`t know where they want to go, i am fear to follow them cause i think their will know that we following them. bring a big camera and capture other people picture will also easy detect by other people, cause the camera is to attract people eyes to look at you.

In doing this assignment, i feel so hard to capture the picture of unfamiliar people, especially need to take close up picture. It was because i didn`t know what the people will think if i taking their picture without asking their permission, scare they will angry with us.

Happy talking with someone inside the handphone
Happy Sms with someone
Zhi Cong Felt tired

Other Pic

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Assignment 1 [ Random Reflections ]

Location : Dasein Academy of Art (Gallery Exhibition Hall)

Date : 4th February 2009

By : Carey Lim Choi Yee

A sunny day, the bright sun light made me sweat and felt that want to have a cold drink.
I was standing in front of the Dasein Academy of Art corridor. Once I'm stepping in the gallery,
I was felt it was so comfortable because inside the gallery have the air corn.

It was some noise from somewhere else.
There is a group of students were discussing the exhibition behind the gallery.
The exhibition are about the childhood, fashion, and some creative project.
In my first view, there are hanging a big banner of the graduate photo in kindergarten, besides that still have some of the tables and chairs when we were using during we are in the kindergarten.

At the other side, there have some hair fashion model and the photos of the hairstyle.
There also has a board to let people vote for the hairstyle they like the most.
About the creative design, the most attractive me is the cute little dolly were climbing the ladder. Besides that there were also the brain with some little cute stuff.

Before I'm starting to capture anyone, I was felt afraid because I scare the person who I capture will come to me and scold me. But anyhow, I was complete the photography section.
After I finished capture her, I was walked towards her to tell her that I was capturing her for my assignment. She was so surprised and she is willing to let me have a conversation with her.
Besides that, I also have a simple interview section with her.
Her name is Chan Chia Wen, 21 years old, born at 12th of September, 1987. She is from Rawang and her hobby is traveling. She is very polite, friendly and funny.

After the interview section was over, I was show her the photo that I capture. She felt so shy, but she still like the photo that i capture because she said the photo make her look very natural and relax.

These are the picture that I capture.

Caption : Chia Wen was giving the instruction to her classmate to hanging the things on their project.

Caption : Chia Wen was sharing the ideas with her classmate to hang up the things towards their project.

Caption : Chia Wen was decorating her class project.