Friday, January 9, 2009

How Special Are We ♥

Hello everyone out there... This blog is not only from me, there also included my classmates which are Tim and Wei... We will create this blog that is because we have a course which is photojournalism, and our lecturer Mr.Wee would like us to create it out... That's is quite fun for me....

In our first post, we will introduce ourself to let everyone know more about us... =)

My name is Carey, I'm from Kuala Lumpur, and I'm 20 years old...
I was born on 1st of January 1989 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Now I'm still a college student with taking Mass Communication.
I will take this course that is because I have an ambition to be a deejay in the radio station. Oopss, I was forgotten to tell all of you which college i was in... :p
I studies at Dasein Academy of Art in Wangsa Maju..
I sure that all of you scratching your head right now beca
use this college was seldom mention by other people......

Hmm.... About my hobby......
I love singing, listening music, blogging, photography...
I would like to take part in the singing competition this year, last year
I was a failure, so I must be try my best in this year....
I love black and white color, so all my clothes was in black and white...

In my classmates point of view, they said I'm a straight person..
Besides that, I'm a independent, love to helps friends, sometimes was a fierce person...
I admit that, because that's really me....

i think i should stop here...
So anything that want to know more about me just sent me some comment to ask me...
See ya~~

Hoho,life11521 a whole new blog for my group member
that is Carey, WeiWei and me,
inside this blog we will put many special information
especially about the news picture,so please
give us your support to us have a great meaningful to us...

Firstly, my name is Tai Kim Kwee or call me Timothy,
i am 21 years old and now living in Balakong.
i was born in 21 November 1988 in Kuala L

I am a talkative person and i like reading too,
my fovorite Book is Harry Potter and also Jin Yong,
but recently i like to read some inspire book.
I am now studying in Dasein Academy of Art,
taking Mass Communication, why i took this course was because
i like to meet with diffrent people and also like the job that full of challenge,
and my fovor subjet is TV/radio production.

i also wish that i can go to oversea for taking my degree after
finish my study in i better
study hard for my diploma first.

So, please support our new blog, and leave your com
ment to us too for improve our blog , thanks to you all first.

Hi all,thanks for viewing our blog..
this blog is not only for me..
this blog is also for tim,timothy and carey..

First,i'm here to introduce myself:
My name is Chew WEi Wei..
i'm came from Kota Bharu,Kelantan..
20 years old now..
I was born in 5th November 1989..

Second,my hobby is,
singing,watch movie, surfing internet and etc...
To describe myslf..
I think i'm a talkative girl,
this is also the reason why i taking mass comm..
for my first plan, I wish I can finish my study without any problem,
after that, I want to find a job to gain some working experience..
then I will back to kelantan to continue my parents business..

I think I should stop here..
and i wish you can leave us some comment after read our blog...
thanks a lot...