Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bear Bear is acting 'Micheal Jackson'

Hainan chicken rice ball

they are making tradisional handmae nyonya kuih.

the man is cocentrate doign his job.

tricycle is famous in Malacca, and it is also the most expensive transport in Malacca.

13th March, it was the day we have our trip with our lecturers to Malacca.

the day we went to Malacca was raining heavily, but it doesn't affect our good mood, some of our classmate met at school before start our journey, we gather at a hawker centre in Desa Setapak at 7.30, after our breakfast, we start our journy to go to Malacca, the way we are going to Malacca, We had been stuck in a bad traffic jam. For our first plan, we have plan that we have to arrive by 12.00 p.m, however, when we arrived, it was already 12.30 p.m.

The first location we went is A'Famosa,we have take some photos there, and me and some friends had bought some souvenir from there, at 2.00 we walked to jongker walk to have our lunch there, on the way we going there, there was some hawker, and we also bought the local snack,Dodol.

We having our lunch at a small restaurant which is famous in jongker walk, it is Hainan Chicken rice. That was my first time ate such unique chicken rice, althougn its outlook is weird but it is delicios.

In the evening, we have went to Stadium Fatimah, according to the regular plan, we have decide to take some fun's photo, but we cant because of without the permission.So we went to the Eye On Malaysia for shooting, we have a lot of fun there.When the day was getting dark, and we have finished our shooting, all of us have went to Newton Hawker centre for our dinner.

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